Available to all new models with navigation, the AcuraLink™** connectivity system offers an unprecedented combination of technology and convenience. Using both embedded two-way communications and web-enabled devices, AcuraLink™ curates a truly digital experience with your Acura.


Pair AcuraLink™ seamlessly with your iOS 5 or higher or Android 2.3 or higher device using the AcuraLink™ Streams app, and get immediate access to thousands of media streams on the go. Everything from your favourite music, internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks, even your own Facebook and Twitter accounts.

service concierge

For the most demanding drivers, AcuraLink™ offers the most personal feature of all – access to live concierge agents at the touch of a button, night and day.

assistance intelligente

AcuraLink™ Assist puts help at your fingertips—in your vehicle or on your smartphone—whether you need roadside assistance or help scheduling service. In emergency situations, AcuraLink™ can automatically report your vehicle’s location and condition so agents can dispatch emergency personnel.